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Healthy snacks ! apple chips

27 Apr

So since a few days the sun has been showing itself again! yeay!

Which reminds us all that summer is not to far away ! Now fall and winter have been a little rough and very hectic for me! as in: moved twice , new town , work, school and a break up !!! So no I didn’t watch what I was eating ! as a matter a fact me and my Ben &Jerry’s have never been closer than this past few months! So it is time to get in shape for the summer !! ( thinking aren’t you a little late for that? Wel.. summer doesn’t begin here until the end of July)

Now I  love to snack like nobody’s business so in order to keep doing that without feeling guilty I’m making my own healthy snacks and I thought it would be cool to share some of the recipes with you guys !

So here is the first !!!

Apple chips

 foto s iphone 20122013 404


–          Granny Smith apples,  to start with I would use about 1 kg of apples.

–          Cinnamon

You’ll also need:

–          A good sharp knife

–          A big oven plate

–          A cutting board

–          Backing paper ( is this the right term?? I have no idea sorry :P)

Step 1

Cut the apples in slices as thin as possible ! they have to be see-through ! Make sure you use a sharp knife , if it’s blunt, trying to cut thin slices is going to be a b*tch! (pardon me.. but it will be!)

Step 2

Cover your oven plate with baking paper before you lay on the slices of apple.

Step 3

Cover the apple slices with cinnamon (brown sugar is also delicious! But wait no! it is suppose to be healthy ..sorry forget I said anything!)

Step 4

Bake the slices at 100 degrees Celsius ( this is about 210 Fahrenheit) for 45 minutes then turn the slices and bake them for another 45 minutes.

Step 5

Let them cool of  so they will get crispy ! and bon appetite !


Love to be inspired: A new look

18 Apr

Hi everyone!

So as you can see my blog got a bit of a facelift !

I also have created a logo ish picture as you can see below!

foto (7)


 Let me know what you guys think !


Nails: Navy

18 Apr

Hi everyone ! so here some navy style nails !

foto 1 (6)

I used Rimmel Pro dark blue vogue and rivera red, Essence white tip painter to do the stripes and a gold glitter from my local pharmacy (Etos)

foto 2 (6)

(So the gold glitter top is pretty busted haha it got stuck so I had to use some tools to get it open :P)

Let me know what you think !


Apps I love : Custemize your apps! : CocoPPa

17 Apr

Here is another App I love !

CocoPPa ! This app allows you to custemize the way your apps look !

Below a picture of my own phone !

foto (5)


I absolutly love this app because .. well just look at my phone ! It takes a little practice but the results are very cute! And if you need help there are many tutorials and videos on how to use this app!

Below the one that helped me out !

And you can download the app here:

CocoPPa-big-icon_9916 (1)




Drawing, tattoo girl

16 Apr

Hi everyone !

Here is another one of my drawings for you!

This one doesn’t really have title so i just called it tattoo girl do to lack of inspiration 😛

foto s iphone 20122013 437

Let me know what you think


I’m blue Dah bah dee dah bah die

15 Apr

Hi everyone !

Even though this is a last years trend I decided to post it anyway!

This is one of my favorites and  now that the cold days are officially over ( at least here in the Netherlands) It is time for some colour!

foto 1 (5)


This Nailpolish is from  Bourjois Paris , 1 second sillicon texture. Not only is the colour amazing ! the brush is shorter and thicker and that makes it really easy to apply.
foto 2 (5)

Hope you like it !



My first meme

15 Apr

My first meme

I posted my first 9gag post today! Using a picture of the sweetest cat in the world !

You can see the post and vote for it here !

Ombre Hair

15 Apr

Ombre hair/Dipdye

foto (6)

Hi guys !

After the ombre nails I decided to go for another trend , Ombre hair !

So here is a before and after of my visit to the hairdresser.


foto 1 (4)


foto 2 (4)


( No idea why the photo’s are so bad, sorry you guys!)

The top of my head is still my own colour and the going down it just keeps getting darker!

I think this is a great trend because it looks great obviously but it will keep looking good as it is growing out so yey!

So let me know what you think !