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1st tattoo!

12 May


Hi guys ! so last saturday i finally did it .. I got a tattoo!

foto (4)

Just look at that happy face XD

I got a little hart to remind me that no mather what, I ‘ll always have the love of my familly , and I got it in kind of  a sketched style as a little reference to my drawing .


let me know what you think!?



Love to be inspired: A new look

18 Apr

Hi everyone!

So as you can see my blog got a bit of a facelift !

I also have created a logo ish picture as you can see below!

foto (7)


 Let me know what you guys think !


Drawing, tattoo girl

16 Apr

Hi everyone !

Here is another one of my drawings for you!

This one doesn’t really have title so i just called it tattoo girl do to lack of inspiration 😛

foto s iphone 20122013 437

Let me know what you think


Pop art-ische self portraits

21 Mar

So I was going through some of my older drawing and photos ( so much fun and embarrassment!)  and I find these ! still one of my favorites I’ve ever made because of the pop art-ische style, plus  I used crayons to do these which I never did before or really any other time.


These drawing are actually based on an even older photo of myself

 Lotje rose lipjes

Yep that is a 14 year old me doing kisses at the camera like all cliché 14 year olds do I guess XD

Now I have made  myself a little sexier in the drawings which is one of the magical things about drawing I guess .. you can do that ! haha well let me know what you think !


flower branch

6 Mar

So this is something I made today!

I spraypainted the branch using a sjabloom and then gluwed on the purple flowers which I cut out by hand.

foto (1)

it’s a little rough on the edges because I was just trying it out so I can maybe use this later in a bigger project : my sisters birthday present!  She asked me to make an artwork for on  her wall so I am busy trying out different ideas before I start with the real deal!

I’m pretty happy about the result but I would really love to hear what you think, so let me know!


the fourth outfit drawing

4 Mar


Here is the  fourth drawing  from the series of four !


Shopping, a sketch based on my own outfit when I went shopping one day,

Below all four drawings once more.


“A night out” , “casual”, “new years eve” and “shopping”

Let me know what you think !


New years eve outfit

22 Feb


So here is the third of the four drawings I inspired on my own outfits, this was my outfit for new years even 2011/2012.

I’ll post the fourth one soon !

new years

let me know what you think !




17 Feb

A little while back i posted a drawing called “A night out” and I told you it  was one out of a series of four so here is number 2 ! The drawings are based on outfits of my own!



Let me know what you think !



A night out

6 Feb

Hi everyone !

well here is another of my drawings. I made a couple ones in this style and there al inspired on real outfits of mine,  i’ll post the other ones spread over the next few weeks !

night out

Let me now what you think !


Something sweet

4 Feb

Another drawing of mine

Somthing sweet


Love to hear what you guys think !