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Love to be inspired: A new look

18 Apr

Hi everyone!

So as you can see my blog got a bit of a facelift !

I also have created a logo ish picture as you can see below!

foto (7)


 Let me know what you guys think !



Ombre Hair

15 Apr

Ombre hair/Dipdye

foto (6)

Hi guys !

After the ombre nails I decided to go for another trend , Ombre hair !

So here is a before and after of my visit to the hairdresser.


foto 1 (4)


foto 2 (4)


( No idea why the photo’s are so bad, sorry you guys!)

The top of my head is still my own colour and the going down it just keeps getting darker!

I think this is a great trend because it looks great obviously but it will keep looking good as it is growing out so yey!

So let me know what you think !


What to blog or not blog about…

30 Mar

Hi everyone !!
So I have been blogging for a little over a month now and I have been posting about different things.

– nails polish
– my own drawings and art projects
– DIY projects
– apps
– and recipies

Now I’m almost up to 50 followers which may not sound like much but I am super excited about it Because I wasn’t sure if Anyone was going to read my blog , so yeah!!!! Thanx guys for reading, liking and commenting !!!

So I would love to hear from you guys what Posts you liked and want to see more of and which ons you dind’t like ! Also if there is something you would like me to blog about which I haven’t done already let me know !!!

Can’t wait to hear from you !!


My name is Lotte and I am a glitterholic

10 Mar

My name is Lotte and when I am bored I put glitter nailpolish on.. well pretty much everything !!

So here’s a look at the stuff i have laying around on my desk that i thought could use some glitter !

foto (2)


Instagram photostrips

11 Feb

Instagram photostrips !!!

If you are no stranger to the wonderful world of Pinterest you have probably already seen this ! Making old school photo strips of your Instagram photo’s , I loved it from the moment I saw it and couldn’t wait to try it out, so here’s my result !

foto s iphone 20122013 465

On the link below is the original tutorial using Photoshop.


Now I am no hero when it comes to Photoshop so after failing over and over again I gave up and used Windows Word ( I know, ) If you know your way around Photoshop I definitely recommend  the tutorial on the blog! Now if you don’t have Photoshop and no idea how else to do this then you can take a look at my steps down here 🙂

You’ll need

Computer with printer / Stanley knife and ruler

The print screen of my steps :

 photostrips word

 Step 1

 Import  a square .

Step 2

Copy/paste the square 3 times and line them up.

Step 3

Go  to the formatting image menu and choose the content which in this case is an illustration,  do this for all four squares and you are ready to print !

Step 4

When printed use your Stanley knife and ruler to cut out your strips, more strips on one paper makes it easier to cut them and it saves paper obviously.

 photostrips sijden

And you’re done !


You can use coloured photos ( filtered by Instagram ) or black and white .  On the original tutorial she made the frames white which also looked pretty cool.


Hi World !

3 Feb


Well Hi world !

well i’ve finally started my blog: a place to share my thoughts and inspiration with the world because that’s  what we do nowadays !

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