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DIY: Studded phone case

6 May

I know I know you have probably seen this before , but I decided to pimp up my phone last week and couldn’t resist to share ! So below is how my own case turned out !

pretty huh!?

foto s iphone 20122013 013


What you’ll need :

– Gluegunfoto s iphone 20122013 004

– Studds

– Phonecase

– Ruler

– Pen


step 1

Figure out the  symbol/pattern/shape you want to make with the studds on the case..

here are some ideas i played around with !

foto (2)

step 2

Use the ruler and pen to draw a straight line or mark where you want the studds, then use the gluegun to glue them on! yes it is that easy 🙂


DIY cinnamon candle

17 Mar

DIY cinnamon candle

foto s iphone 20122013 500

So here is another super easy DIY tutorial ! I’ve made this cinnamon candle before as a Christmas gift to my sister and this week I made one for my own house.

foto s iphone 20122013 489

What you’ll need:

– Glue gun

– Candle

– Cinnamon sticks ( about the same height as your candle )

– Ribbon

Step 1

foto s iphone 20122013 497

Heat up your glue gun of course ! and when it is hot apply some glue onto a cinnamon stick, make sure you only apply it onto the bottom so that the glue won’t come in touch with the hot wax and fire when you light your candle. ( I don’t know if the glue is flammable but I am not planning on finding out ! )

Step 2

foto s iphone 20122013 495

 quickly apply the cinnamon stick onto the candle and press it steady.

Step 3

foto s iphone 20122013 498

keep doing this all the way around.

Step 4

foto s iphone 20122013 499

Wrap a ribbon around it and tie a bow, now you are done!

Here is a link to a great turorial on howto tie a perfect bow: http://www.ellinee.com/blog/how-to-tie-a-perfect-bow/

Now isn’t that cute ! you can use any colour ribbon of course and also change it to match the seasons. Here one with a red ribbon that I made as a Christmas gift.

foto s iphone 20122013 380

Let me know what you think !


My name is Lotte and I am a glitterholic

10 Mar

My name is Lotte and when I am bored I put glitter nailpolish on.. well pretty much everything !!

So here’s a look at the stuff i have laying around on my desk that i thought could use some glitter !

foto (2)


flower branch

6 Mar

So this is something I made today!

I spraypainted the branch using a sjabloom and then gluwed on the purple flowers which I cut out by hand.

foto (1)

it’s a little rough on the edges because I was just trying it out so I can maybe use this later in a bigger project : my sisters birthday present!  She asked me to make an artwork for on  her wall so I am busy trying out different ideas before I start with the real deal!

I’m pretty happy about the result but I would really love to hear what you think, so let me know!


Instagram photostrips

11 Feb

Instagram photostrips !!!

If you are no stranger to the wonderful world of Pinterest you have probably already seen this ! Making old school photo strips of your Instagram photo’s , I loved it from the moment I saw it and couldn’t wait to try it out, so here’s my result !

foto s iphone 20122013 465

On the link below is the original tutorial using Photoshop.


Now I am no hero when it comes to Photoshop so after failing over and over again I gave up and used Windows Word ( I know, ) If you know your way around Photoshop I definitely recommend  the tutorial on the blog! Now if you don’t have Photoshop and no idea how else to do this then you can take a look at my steps down here 🙂

You’ll need

Computer with printer / Stanley knife and ruler

The print screen of my steps :

 photostrips word

 Step 1

 Import  a square .

Step 2

Copy/paste the square 3 times and line them up.

Step 3

Go  to the formatting image menu and choose the content which in this case is an illustration,  do this for all four squares and you are ready to print !

Step 4

When printed use your Stanley knife and ruler to cut out your strips, more strips on one paper makes it easier to cut them and it saves paper obviously.

 photostrips sijden

And you’re done !


You can use coloured photos ( filtered by Instagram ) or black and white .  On the original tutorial she made the frames white which also looked pretty cool.

DIY coulered keys

7 Feb

Hi everyone 🙂

Here’s another super easy and fun DIY project!

I just moved to a new apartment and with that came 4 different keys, from which one looked just like the one for my sister’s house ! So in order to remember what’s what I customized them !

 Image (6)

Isn’t that cute !?

Well it’s also very easy

What you need:

Your keys / nail polish in the colors you want to use / nail polish remover / tape

foto (1)

Step 1

Clean the part you are going to paint with nail polish remover , then tape the key so you’ll get a nice straight line in the end.

foto s iphone 20122013 444

Step 2

Paint the top of your with your polish, don’t worry about smudging  you can clean it up later using the nail polish

foto s iphone 20122013 447

Step 3

Let them dry for a couple of hours and when they’re dry you can remove the tape.

( if the polish has worn anyway you can use the remover to fix it! )

foto s iphone 20122013 449

Extra Tip !

U can sparkle them up using glitter nail polish , just add a layer of it when the color is dry !

foto gl

step 4

When all you keys are dry and you removed the tapes but them back on a key ring and done !foto (3)

Honestly .. aren’t these the cutest keys u have ever seen !  after I showed these to my mom she immediately did her keys to !

let me know what you think !