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I’m blue Dah bah dee dah bah die

15 Apr

Hi everyone !

Even though this is a last years trend I decided to post it anyway!

This is one of my favorites and  now that the cold days are officially over ( at least here in the Netherlands) It is time for some colour!

foto 1 (5)


This Nailpolish is from  Bourjois Paris , 1 second sillicon texture. Not only is the colour amazing ! the brush is shorter and thicker and that makes it really easy to apply.
foto 2 (5)

Hope you like it !



multi color nails

8 Feb


One of the upcoming trends when it comes to nails is multicolor.

Now a different color on ever nail is a little too much for me so I decided to use a more neural color , grey and spice it up by doing only one nail hot pink , and this is the result !

foto (5)

these are the polishes I used

 foto (6)

Let me know what you think !