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Nails: Navy

18 Apr

Hi everyone ! so here some navy style nails !

foto 1 (6)

I used Rimmel Pro dark blue vogue and rivera red, Essence white tip painter to do the stripes and a gold glitter from my local pharmacy (Etos)

foto 2 (6)

(So the gold glitter top is pretty busted haha it got stuck so I had to use some tools to get it open :P)

Let me know what you think !



multocolor nails : gradient

19 Feb

So as I mentioned before Multi color nails are up and coming , now there are a ton of different ways to apply this trend en here is one that I love!

instead of  putting  different colors on different nails you can also put different colors on the same nail ! behold!

foto s iphone 20122013 474

Pretty huh ? I thought so ! so let me show you how I did this

You’ll need !

– 2 different nail polishes in the colors you want to use, two shades of the same color works best

– A make-up sponge

– Nail polish remover

– top coat ( not necessary but recommended !)


the polishes I used are : MaybellineExpress finish pearl , pink and Flormar super shine, hot pink. And the top coat: Rimmel londen Pro ultra shine

Step 1

Polish your nails with the lighter color.

Step 2

Pour some of both colors on a plate or piece of paper and mix them a little in the middle so you get a little bit of overflowfoto s iphone 20122013 466

Step 3

Then use your make up sponge to apply the colors, you want your sponge to look like this after you dipped it in the polish

foto s iphone 20122013 467

Step 4

apply the polish by gently patting it on to your nail using the sponge

Your nail will now look something like this

foto s iphone 20122013 468

Step 5

use a cotton with remover to remove the smudges on your finger

( if necessary use the color u used for the top to touch up)

And voila your done !

foto s iphone 20122013 472

It’s a little bit messy I have to admit, but the result is gorgeous and anyone can do it.

let me know what you think and if you are planning on giving it a try !



Nail polish <3

5 Feb

I never leave my house without nail polish on ! I bite my nails obsessively and this is the only way I can protect them from myself !

My absolutely favourite nail polish of the moment is

Maybelline ‘s forever strong pro nail polish in grey

and sometimes i like to sparkle it up with Rimmel precious stone.

the combination of the 2 is beautiful !

Image (2)

on one nail just the Maybelline pro, on the other i added a layer of Rimmel precious stones.

Image (3)

You like it as much as i do ?? let me know !