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DIY: Studded phone case

6 May

I know I know you have probably seen this before , but I decided to pimp up my phone last week and couldn’t resist to share ! So below is how my own case turned out !

pretty huh!?

foto s iphone 20122013 013


What you’ll need :

– Gluegunfoto s iphone 20122013 004

– Studds

– Phonecase

– Ruler

– Pen


step 1

Figure out the  symbol/pattern/shape you want to make with the studds on the case..

here are some ideas i played around with !

foto (2)

step 2

Use the ruler and pen to draw a straight line or mark where you want the studds, then use the gluegun to glue them on! yes it is that easy 🙂


pastel !

6 May

Yes Pastels are big this spring and summer !

Unfortunately me and my white skin look horrible in pastels ! L But thank god there are purses ,shoes and Nail polishes ! because those look good on everyone !

My favorite right now is this pretty mint color !

foto s iphone 20122013 016

I used Rimmel Pro 500 peppermint .

Let me know what you think !


Nails: Navy

18 Apr

Hi everyone ! so here some navy style nails !

foto 1 (6)

I used Rimmel Pro dark blue vogue and rivera red, Essence white tip painter to do the stripes and a gold glitter from my local pharmacy (Etos)

foto 2 (6)

(So the gold glitter top is pretty busted haha it got stuck so I had to use some tools to get it open :P)

Let me know what you think !


Apps I love : Custemize your apps! : CocoPPa

17 Apr

Here is another App I love !

CocoPPa ! This app allows you to custemize the way your apps look !

Below a picture of my own phone !

foto (5)


I absolutly love this app because .. well just look at my phone ! It takes a little practice but the results are very cute! And if you need help there are many tutorials and videos on how to use this app!

Below the one that helped me out !


And you can download the app here:

CocoPPa-big-icon_9916 (1)






Ombre Hair

15 Apr

Ombre hair/Dipdye

foto (6)

Hi guys !

After the ombre nails I decided to go for another trend , Ombre hair !

So here is a before and after of my visit to the hairdresser.


foto 1 (4)


foto 2 (4)


( No idea why the photo’s are so bad, sorry you guys!)

The top of my head is still my own colour and the going down it just keeps getting darker!

I think this is a great trend because it looks great obviously but it will keep looking good as it is growing out so yey!

So let me know what you think !


Nail: Emerald green

27 Mar

One of the trends of spring 2013 is emerald green !!!

Now here in the netherlands it has not exacly been spring the last few weeks.. ( think 1 degrees celsius and wet snow ) but today the sun was out ! (  still 1 degrees.. but sun yey!) so it was time to get in the mood !!

This polish is from cosnova, (which I had never heard from before to be honest)
foto (3)

let me know what you think of this trend !


Love maybelline

12 Mar

Just love this coulours!
and in my opinion this is one of the absolute best nailpolish there is !!

Maybelline forever strong pro

Grey and purple


the fourth outfit drawing

4 Mar


Here is the  fourth drawing  from the series of four !


Shopping, a sketch based on my own outfit when I went shopping one day,

Below all four drawings once more.


“A night out” , “casual”, “new years eve” and “shopping”

Let me know what you think !


Tie your scarf in a bow ! tutorial

3 Mar

Hi everyone !! this is a very easy tutorial that will show you how to tie your scarf like a bow !

foto 1 (1)

Looks cute right !? that’s what I thought so here’s a couple of photo’s to show you how I did this ( made with the assistance of my sweet dad ! while soccer was on! I know right ! yeay dad 🙂

stap 1 en 2

Step 1 Hang the scarf around your neck, making one end longer.

Step 2 Use the long side to make a loop.

stap 3 en 4

Step 3 Pinch the loop in the middle so you’ll get the bow

Step 4 Take the short side of your scarf , you are going to wrap it around the bow from under.

stap 5 ern 6

Step 5 When you have wrapped the short end around the bow , pull it to tighten the bow !

Step 6 Pull out the loops of the bow to give it some extra body and your done !

 foto s iphone 20122013 488

The result ! I said it once and i’ll say it again… pretty darn  cute !

I got this idea from www.yetanotherbeautysite.com !! which is a website full with bows (yeay) fashion and great hair tutorials !!

 let me know what you think !


New years eve outfit

22 Feb


So here is the third of the four drawings I inspired on my own outfits, this was my outfit for new years even 2011/2012.

I’ll post the fourth one soon !

new years

let me know what you think !