Love to be inspired: A new look

18 Apr

Hi everyone!

So as you can see my blog got a bit of a facelift !

I also have created a logo ish picture as you can see below!

foto (7)


 Let me know what you guys think !



My first meme

15 Apr

My first meme

I posted my first 9gag post today! Using a picture of the sweetest cat in the world !

You can see the post and vote for it here !


A night out

6 Feb

Hi everyone !

well here is another of my drawings. I made a couple ones in this style and there al inspired on real outfits of mine,  i’ll post the other ones spread over the next few weeks !

night out

Let me now what you think !



DIY moustache mug

4 Feb

Hi guys !

Here’s a DIY project that is very easy !

How to make your very own moustache mug !! I made this for my brother as a gift and he loved it , and it took me hardly any efford or time to make it ! so let’s do this 😀


What you need :

A Mug ( duh ) / Paint and a brush / tape / a picture of a moustache / scissors or Stanley knife

Step 1

Draw  or print a picture of a moustache

Tape over it with semi- or transparent tape

 foto s iphone 20122013 420

 Step 2

Cut out the shape of the moustaches

foto s iphone 20122013 421

Step 3

 very carefully peel of the tape ( and when I say very carefully I MEAN very carefully !!! mine ripped about 4 times do to my lack of focus and patience which meant I got to start all over) .. and transfer  the cut out to your mug

And paint over it !

foto s iphone 20122013 228

Step 4

Let it dry for 30 minutes or so , you don’t want the paint to be completely dry.

Remove tape en voila ! your very own customized mug !

foto s iphone 20122013 230

I used the moustache but you can use all sorts of shapes and colours of course !

let me know what you guys think or when you have tried this yourself .




3 Feb

Me putting my first drawing up for all to see!




Hi World !

3 Feb


Well Hi world !

well i’ve finally started my blog: a place to share my thoughts and inspiration with the world because that’s  what we do nowadays !

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